Fishing Rod Review

The telescopic fishing rod is a great choice for fishing enthusiasts and offers excellent value. This portable fishing rod is lightweight, comfortable to hold and surprisingly effective. The 5’9″ fishing rod has a 6’4″ maximum extended length making it convenient to adjust and control in different waters. It is very sturdy and durable with a wonderful, rigid flex made from carbon fiber.

One great thing about this fishing rod is that it collapses into a compact size that you can stow away in your backpack and offers nice action. This fishing rod throws a decent cast and has a really good bend but you need to be careful when retracting to avoid making the rings become unglued. It handles well and can fit the base of any size reel quite well.

For its affordable price, the Mini Portable Travel Rock fishing rod is well worth the money and offers astounding value. It is well designed, easy to hold, durable and a pleasure to cast.

Best Tips for Trendy Bandage Dresses

Dresses come in various styles and design. In recent years, structured, body-hugging designs have become very popular. Fitted styles that use tailoring and structure to flaunt your natural shape or transform it completely are increasingly being seen on the runways and on the streets, proving how huge the trend is.

The best kind of dresses to accentuate a svelte figure are bandage dresses. These dresses are strikingly sexy and stylish. Bandage dresses were first created by the fashion brand, Herve Leger. The first bandage dress was made of very stretchy material in order to cling perfectly to a woman’s curves. Many other fashion houses make bandage dresses today to compliment different body shapes. Bandage dresses hug your contours tightly and are very similar to bodycon dresses. Unlike bodycon dresses which can be made from various body hugging fabrics, bandage dresses are only made from one type of “bandage” like material.

Bandage dresses come in various colors and styles. You can pick a style that suits you depending on what you want to showcase from short sleeve, halter, cutouts, tank, one shoulder and more. Bandage dresses are designed for confident women who aren’t afraid of flaunting their curves. They are usually quite flattering as they usually smooth out your shape and create a slimming effect. However, you don’t need a perfect figure to rock a bandage dress. You can choose to wear undergarments like spanx or tummy controllers to avoid unwanted bulges. Certain prints and textures of the dress can give an hourglass figure.

The tight form fitting style of bandage dresses makes it a great option for an evening out. For party lovers, choose a style and cut that emphasizes your best assets. A tight and mini bandage dress to emphasize a curvy waist or bottom is sure to turn heads at the club. The bandage dress is quite a show stopper by itself so accessories should be at a minimum. Neutral shoes and jewelry will complement your look. For a classy and glam look, choose gold bandage dresses. Quality gold bandage dresses are a classic for every season and transition well from day to night. Longer dresses that extend below the knee work well for special occasions and formal events making you look glamorous and classy.

Bandage dresses are very flattering and should be a wardrobe staple for many women. They are made of stretchy fabric which makes it comfortable to wear. They give a slimming, body shaping effect and are attractive for all body shapes. The key is to buy a flattering style and length for your body and accessorizing well. For a glam look that works well for day and night, opt for gold bandage dresses with neutral shoes. Bandage dresses really highlight your curves, so flaunt them with class and confidence.