Fishing Rod Review

The telescopic fishing rod is a great choice for fishing enthusiasts and offers excellent value. This portable fishing rod is lightweight, comfortable to hold and surprisingly effective. The 5’9″ fishing rod has a 6’4″ maximum extended length making it convenient to adjust and control in different waters. It is very sturdy and durable with a wonderful, rigid flex made from carbon fiber.

One great thing about this fishing rod is that it collapses into a compact size that you can stow away in your backpack and offers nice action. This fishing rod throws a decent cast and has a really good bend but you need to be careful when retracting to avoid making the rings become unglued. It handles well and can fit the base of any size reel quite well.

For its affordable price, the Mini Portable Travel Rock fishing rod is well worth the money and offers astounding value. It is well designed, easy to hold, durable and a pleasure to cast.

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