There is nothing as hard as navigating relationships.

Most people like to think that they are easy to understand, easy to live with. If only other people took the time to understand them.

It’s always the other person’s fault why things are not working out. Why we always keep fighting. You are the problem, not me. Yes, sometimes this is true. But most times, it is not.

It takes two to make a relationship work. It also takes two to make a relationship fail. Two people who were a little more selfish that they should have been. A little more uncaring, a little more self absorbed. A little more me, me, me.

All our lives, we are the only people we’ve had to please. From the time a baby is born, it cries demanding to have its needs met there and then. For the first few months or years of their life, most babies are accustomed to having everyone else’s lives revolve around them – their needs and wants. Every little cry they make results in instant attention and pacification. Life is pretty good for a while. And then we grow up. And we keep trying to go back to this blissful reality where we are the entire focus of someone else’s life.

So when it comes to relationships, we sometimes get in our own way by being so selfish. Maybe, we need to flip the script and be a little less demanding, a little less “it’s all about me” and wait it out. The tantrum throwing; pause and think about what you could do to make your partner happy for once. Think more of them and less of you. Maybe this is the change we all need to improve our relationships.


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